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The Healing Power of Morada y Azul: Nourishing Your Heart and Restoring Boundaries

Patterns of Corn like Men -- Perfectly Irregular. Each one a bit different but you know what to expect. you know how to extract the parts you want to consume and toss away the pit. Aint nothing whole about eating corn. Peeling away the protective husk. Roasting. Sinking your teeth into its kernel. Adding your own flavor to your liking. Its a preparation.

Then those rare heirloom corns. ground down. mother water added. Made round then rolled out smooth. Special in the color and if you get lucky the taste, but still consume the same. prettier to look at though, and it is might just make it worth the work.

Many creations stories about corn. A good teacher of boundaries, labour, community harvest.

then there's hibiscus, how that flower transversed waters yet came to shore, shared the same ways , on different cultures tables. I use nutmeg. I use clove. Sorreal. Agua de Jamaica. Bissap. I add to tequila. I eat it as a flower whole. Used for passion, amplifying natural beauty, dream divination.

Energy work aside; Corn and Hibiscus have many health benefits

Hand Made Blue Corn Tortillas w/hibiscus infused tequila soda

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