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4/3🫀Home is Where The Heart is 💒

*all photos are my own*

i had a long moment of grief then it came:

“Wake up love;adorn yourself… walk in my beauty.“

I quickly saged myself - did some innerwork - dressed and went off… the two places I thought I needed to go to were closed so I headed to a city I longed to return to. Benicia

It’s a historic town on the water connected with two bridges - the Original Capitol of California!

Later I found out it was a tourist destination for ghost hunters and many of the sorts.

Here is a photo of me last year visiting ‘21 Christmas when I first felt the special place it is

So… as I came to the water this morning my body felt relief, my racing thoughts slipped away, and I was filled with ease. I parked on the pier and slowly walked around taking in the elements and giving honoring (some say prayer) out loud. It never bothers or nerves me when others witness me rambling and walking about.. it adds to power.

Now, there is an eeriness of ”sundown town” here and Im quite sure thats apart of the history as a brochure passed unto me by a charming man who owned an antique shop had an under tone of it. I mean… the first Masonic Lodge of California is in this city! (Video soon).

Here are some goodies from the antique shop:

Magi/Magus(or wise men in the bible),Mermaid cup via Mariposa, Lava material mermaid hawaiian heart which all align with my Cacao Ceremony and path in general 🫀🍫

He said she’s over 40yro and he hoped to keep it himself , I promised him it will be cherished and we shared time talking about vinyls and calypso!

Then I continued on to beautiful boutiques. Ah a coffee stand dedicted to Mars( tuesday baby here!), floral shop with all the curated beauty goods of your dreams, and the clothing boutiques with pure art as clothes…

I literally was ready to go back to my 9-5 to purchase some of the dresses I saw. (Still pondering honestly because it sent me that much into an aesthetic shock - my Achilles heel!). The last boutique I went to had the Masonic /G\ at the entrance which I found amusing since I purchased a b&w checkered dressed from there.

Two items that my heart longs for: Frida set by Petit pois Viviana G And a multi-patterned brunch dress of my dreams by Joseph robkoff... Oh and this skirt saying “ I lost my heart to the ocean…”

mentioned clothing:

Lastly, a spiritual shop where I discussed the energy and history of the city. The shop used to be a brothel with madams uptop and ladies of the night at the bottom. The lady wanted to gift me something and let me pick out a candle of my choosing! I also bought some dragons blood incense (major key) and a humming bird charm bell which reminded me of my gifted sparrow one currenlty protecting my door.

oh yea, as I was leaving i was invited to visit Santa Barbara and gifted Lucidity festival! It reminded me gifts and abundance comes in many ways and I am grateful. See you soon Santa Barbara!

I hope to be taking ceramic classes here and doing more exploring in this city soon! Thank you for coming along the journey and allowing me to pass on some magic!

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