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“Na we Peah ti antah” for the fear of the unknown is the face of many sins.

My body was feeling light. My heart heavy. My mind in a spiral. My spirit in longing so I sat with Cacao in Ceremony and she told me this story of my Siren Lineage:

I will tell you a story about us long ago living on the edge swaying to and fro

I spin you in abundance like a swirling sea swallowing you in the wind

Perched on big blue crystal boulders that look like the ice in Antarctica before we were frozen over. There were black waters brackish and brue. As I tilted my head toward the reflections in the waves like an Oracle seeping into an obsidian abyss , A hand reached out to me from the deep depths of mama water.

As I pulled it towards the flesh turned hard as coral…. It’s weight becoming denser slowly pulling me more than I was pulling it.

“Na we Peah ti antah” = “for the fear of the unknown is the face of many sins.“

youtube link of me saying the language as i wouldnt let me embed:

Thank you Cacao for the Gift

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