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Deja, The Root Doctress

Cacao Siren

Our founder began her journey in the Afro Southern American tradition of Hoodoo.


She is a Sekhmet Priestess practicing Sunut, or warrior healing physician focusing on blood, lymphs, and detox.

She is a Portal Guardian briding and removing energies between Astral and Earth. She is a Siren of Medusa's Red Rose Lineage. She is a trained facilitator of Venus' heart-opening Cacao.

She travels the world learning ancient healing and culture exchanges through her ethnobotany studies like holistic health and natural medicine.

Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Queen Nanny, and more used rootwork and conjure to heal, to rebel, to live.

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The Root Doctress is dedicated to quality and potent plant extract formulations 

We care about the socio-economical health disparities within our communities.

In 2016, education and community service founded

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