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4/8 Shadow Soldiers,Osun,Keep your Circle small Dream Diary

Visiting the south. I had an accent. In junkyard?

Talking to a man.

White people came but they were black shadows and soldiers. Started causing a riot. Hanging people n shooting. I run and tell all the black businesses around the road to leave.

There were band lounges. Stores. Cafes. Etc.

One lounge had dj. Talked to big older woman with chalk on her hands. And a veve. Told her we need that voodoo and vudon. Ladies who were leaving. Trying to grab big sea shell on wall. Said it was oshun. Older lady told them her waters will be felt everywhere. End of road. I walk in a church. Indian people taking pictures and not alarmed (this happened in another dream too). The church has mix of people. Im yelling and saying whats going on. Some people are unmoved. I sit in a pew with wyt ppl.

Update: The person I was sleeping in the room with was revealed a few days later as a descendant of racist active aggressors in California's Missionary history.... yikes! Another reminder to be steadfast in whom you allow in your aura field and the people you choose to connect with. Even if they may be or "seem" one way... spirit works in many ways and commingling is an invitation for you two paths to form as one... even if it is casual,friends, whatever so have you..! We are our ancestors after all, even if the person is actively doing work to remedy their past transgressions ..the people connected to them have agendas beyond their own. Stay protected and vigilant, there's an astral war... <3

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