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Portal Guardian's Journey to the Crystal Castle floating in Abyss with Indigo-1

Updated: Mar 6

Portal Guardian's Journey to the Crystal Castle floating in Abyss

I close my eyes and venture into the blinding violet light morphing my dense matter into aerodynamic plasma. I'm there. Floating above as a wandering eye. She feels me. Looks beyond my point of fixate and into the energetic field that has entered with me. She knows. She continues to enter a crystal chamber glowing in the shape of a deep-cut crystal dish oversized as a majestic glamour bed. As she lays on the crystal base, molded to her body perfectly. She is long with a deep indigo hue. oval-like egg head with stretching points like a crown skull. She has a silent aura that can fill all of space and bursts with slithering allure that ZAPS like the BigBang. She neither addresses nor ignores me yet I feel we are connected. Is it one-sided?

Whoa, so for a possible visual I googled "Indigo Alien Princess" and this action figure really represents her even though her whole body was indigo. DC Comics Blackest Night Indigo-1:

Lots of hidden truths in comic books and video games especially Magic the Gathering. I do not know a lot about the gamer world but hidden knowledge that has maintained esoteric and not internet searchable populates in comics and video games when googled.

"Driven by a purely altruistic agenda, the transcendent Indigo Lanterns tend to the wounded on either side of the conflict, and are particularly effective against the Black Lanterns. Leader of the Indigo Lanterns, Indigo-1 initially stumbles onto a battle between members of the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps, where it is revealed that Indigo-1’s power ring is capable of reconfiguring and channeling the effect of other power rings. Indigo-1 travels to the Earth, explaining the significance of the Black Lantern Corps, and serving as Hal Jordan’s guide in the task of recruiting the members of the other Lantern Corps."

Wait, update and I'm literally shaking. Her Movie/TV debut she actually fully Indigo!! Video below. Her original comic book portrait has "African" features and cornrows with beads but of course, she is whitewashed on tv and action figure. She was initially a non compassionate psychopath transformed by a powerful ring that her tribe was given which is represented in first photo I posted.. Her purpose was to fight Gaurdian's of the Universe in case they went crazy or insane. Indigo's are able to force compassion onto people who are lacking it, teleport, and heal people with empathy, and channel emotions. Once wearing their rings, they channel other emotions using their staffs.

Indigo-1 was the leader of the Indigo Tribe; the group that wields the indigo light of compassion. Unlike the other Corps, the Tribes does not have a traditional uniform. Instead she has tattooed the symbol of her Tribe all over her body, as do members of the Tribe. Indigo-1 and her tribe speak the Nokian language that is unknown even to the Green Lantern Ring, which is supposed to be a universal translator for every language. In addition to a power ring, Indigo-1 and her Tribe wield a coral-like staff that acts as their power battery and energy conduit.

Coral Staff is giving me merfolk vibes!

Thank you for reading, this journey happened months ago but my body wouldn't rest until I typed it out this evening. Im so happy I did as writing this has led me to Indigo-1! Comment thoughts. See you in the Astral! -- xoxo 13th Indigo

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