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Lightning Lips:  Camwood Lip Oil

Lightning Lips: Camwood Lip Oil

May your lips strike like thunder and lighting”


A sacred potion given to The Root Doctress in her dreams by ancestors through Elelemnts of Lightning&Thunder. Sango/Shango/Xango Energy. Muah!


 It's magic is open to all who dare to tap into the rootwork of their own being.


Dare to let Lightning Lips complement your unique energy. Experience how its blend not only beautifies but also empowers your words and presence in any circle you choose to grace.


Lightning Lips is not merely a lip oil; it's an ancestral potion.


Lightning Lips enhances your natural magnetism, turning your speech into a powerful spell that captivates the hearts. 


 It empowers your words to not just be heard, but to resonate deeply, kindling a flame that lights the path to greatness for those you deem worthy of your counsel.


This camwood lip elixir is an homage to the unseen forces that have guided royal courts, to the silent but formidable power behind thrones.


This unique blend is for the confident, the advisors in the shadows, and the strategists behind triumphs.

  • Camwood Info

    Camwood Powder also known as Osun or African Sandalwood Powder comes from the core of the shrubby, hard-wooded African camwood tree which carries the botanical name “Baphia nitida” after peeling the bark. The tree is native to the West Africa.


    Various Uses:

    • Wood carvings, woodturning for making knife handles and similar objects.
    • Appease the gods in the olden days because of its uniqueness in color and the expensive market value of the tree.
    • Commercially used for non-permanent red dye, which is soluble in alkali.
    • Cosmetics for nourishing the skin and clearing blemishes, reducing the appearance of  fine lines & wrinkles and temporaily dying the hair.


    It is the cosmetic benefits of both the Red Sandalwood & Camwood Powder that have made them to be used interchangably. While they both come in red powder  and can easily be added to other natural skincare mixtures, they are still powders obtained from different species of trees found in different continents of the world.  The Red Sandalwood has a distinctive aroma while the Camwood Powder has a shrubby smell.

    The Red Sandalwood has a counterpart which is the White Sandalwood, both grown in parts of Asia but the Camwood Powder doesn’t have a counterpart or substitute. The Camwood Powder is unique and confined to the West Africa where it has been one of the best beauty secret passed down by our ancestors.  A red powder loaded with natural skin soothing properties which helps undo damages caused by the sun, pimples, skin rashes, eczema, acne and skin discolorations. Also contains detoxifying and wrinkle reducing properties. It is used as a beauty regimen in cleansing both the face and the whole body when added to the unrefined black soap powder, giving an after effect which is immediate, leaving the skin smooth, supple and glowing. The Camwood Powder can also be used by itself or added to varieties of natural skincare routine.

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