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My Sacred Secret Life with the Dead

She planted down an eight card of a red suit. The "seeker" looked pleased. Shortly after a red four followed suit. The lady eagerly awaiting her future in the cards looked in disbelief. "No!". The ghost of my great-grandmother picked up the red four suit card and held it close to her. I looked on as an invisible force soon I knew I was felt in the underworld. She looked towards my energy field and telepathically told me. "Yes". Next, she showed me a decapitated head(sent me a mental projection). I smiled with relief.

What was my question? I've been in an on-going search inside of myself with this lingering thought: Did my great-grandmother share the same gifts as me or was she aware of the alternate reality I live in while others sleep. This night she finally let me know. "Yes" = I have had these types of dreams. "Yes" = you need to read cards.

I woke up from my dream scared but ready to learn what the cards she dealt for me meant. As I believe, card readings are reaffirmations of truths you ignore or block. Cards simply remind you, force you, and/or navigate you to subconscious truths. I have been hesitant about picking up cards because I felt they were a knock-off of actual divination mediums. But, the more I learned about the history, the more the spirit called me to pick up the cards. I finally did four non-solicited readings which were all very accurate.

Although my lucid dreams have smell, touch, color, aerial view, sight, sound, and senses beyond this dimension. I only recalled the card numbers and color; though not the specific suit. With this I believe I am meant to interpret both suit numbers together. Thus, 8 of Hearts, 8 of Diamonds, 4 of Diamonds, 4 of Hearts,

So, what was my great-grandmother telling me about my purpose?

  1. Socializing Card: Attend social events. Success in business ventures. Get your way. Promotion

  2. Money Card: Method of financial gain. Material success coming. Good fortune in business.

  3. Patience Card: Financial responsibility based on values. An inheritance is forthcoming. May represent someone is in love with you.

  4. Commitment Card: Protected/Secure in love, marriage, or family. Positive influence on happy family and social life. Foundation of love is strong.

Her message to my question came clear and I am so thankful that my ancestors accepted me in the portal to communicate with the dead. Not only have they granted me communication but initiations, lessons, warnings, ancient songs, potions and more... all through my dreams. Every night I am crossing people who have passed away over, astral projecting to different worlds, meeting ancestors, even being initiated to deities. My experiences have been all over the place. I literally lucid dream every night since my first sleep paralysis in high school. That is a distinct event in this on going adventure that I remember. Although, my infatuation with magic and the things beyond have been since I was kid. I remember doing spells in my elementary school bathroom while other kids played on the yard and readings books about fairies, researching about africa, and writing poems of a soul older than mine. This blessing like all blessings came with a cost, a curse, and a responsibility that when ignored can bring so much havoc and stagnation in your life... you will almost forget it is a blessings and feel cursed. Many who ignore their calling on plagued with a chaotic life until they finally accept their duty.


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