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Beyond Goddesshood: A Metaphysical Exploration of the Grey Area

As I see more entertainers reaching towards “Primordial Swamp Siren Energy” & “Galactic Earth Space Cowgirl” that I have been cultivating over the past few years. (i will not post comparrison references of my archetypes in photos). I asked myself what’s the next emboidient of me?

In the celestial the concept of goddesshood expands beyond divine echelons, exploring the profound nexus of black and white—the realm of infinite greys.

In the fray of grey, the merge of crossroads. esoteric exoteric and metaphysical realms.

The narrative that emerges transcends traditional binaries. In this world, the polarity of black and white converges into a spectrum of grey, where complexity and ambiguity flourish. This convergence is not a dilution but a synthesis, representing the full spectrum of human experience and cosmic energy. Human to Creature to Being. A body rooted in the voiding waters. Looking into the mirror you can not help but see your primordial figure as more than body but just that… a body to be adorned, transformed, reborn, created in your own image.

Channeling the metaphysical energies of the universe, the seeker in this realm absorbs the cosmic light that pervades all things. This light, both metaphorical and tangible, nourishes the creative spirit, enabling one to transcend the mundane and pierce the veil of mere existence. Through creative expression, one becomes a conduit for this cosmic energy, translating ethereal concepts into sensory experiences that resonate with both the earthly and the divine. Oh Earth, you are galactic , you are divine but we must acknowledge your Birther though in no less astonishment of you.  In this realms the Creature to Being who has dissolved it’s human image may reach for exoplants and become uprooted from Earth. Claiming places outside of Earth’s terraform. Hold still. We are of Earth but Earth is made of all there is outside of her. No need to denounce soil to feel wind. The floor of Earth (bed/mat/dirt) is our root for dreaming after all.

The journey through the grey area is sensual, not just in the erotic sense but in its appeal to all senses, engaging in a multisensory exploration of identity, spirituality, and existence. This exploration is an invitation to experience the divine not as a remote or exalted state, but as an integral part of our innermost being. It challenges to embrace the complexity of their own identities, to find the divine within the grey areas of their own lives.

What’s After Goddesshood?, there are no simple answers but rather a path layered with textures, colors, and sounds, encouraging a personal pilgrimage into the realms where light and shadow meet. Here, at this sacred intersection, the journey proposes not a final destination but a continuous evolution into higher forms of being, where one can truly interact with the cosmic forces at play.

This exploration reflects a broader movement within art and culture, where boundaries are increasingly seen not as barriers but as spaces of negotiation and creativity. By embracing the grey, the narrative encourages all to question, to explore, and ultimately, to transcend.

As we venture into this liminal space, let us keep our senses attuned to the nuances of grey and the brilliance of the cosmic light that guides us. For in this journey Beyond Goddesshood, we find not just a mythical figure, but also glimpses of our own transcendent potential.

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