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Dream Diary: Maserati Mermaids & Medusa



-Taking pictures of places I’ve had s*x at (Mer Spirits are hevily connected with spiritual spouses in dreams who may try to seduce and have sex with you similar to incubus/succubus) -Mermaid stone wall figure like gorgon wall decoration. Whiteish lady with shower cap and cig hanging out window then hugs mermaid while i take a pic. Asks to not be in pic.

-Giant Laying / sleeping buddha statue piled under dirt/clothes outside.

-redacted story line with male and masarati and how i should have

-[male] missing tv show tethered about snake head lady tied to roman alphabet

[I then wake up and go back to sleep]

-Dream of my cousin styling my hair into long flowly waves with flower in my hair.


Searching for an image of a Maserati, I noticed how their logo is a trident. From research (more info below) it is connected to Rome which was in my dream. With it being connected to Rome, the Sicilian Flag has medusa which is tattooed on my chest. This version of medusa is my first remembered vision as a kid.

(Me + Red Seats Maserati on my Earth🎂Day)

They also chose the trident purposefully to represent Neptune and power over water.

(statue below)

They even go as far as choosing different color ways to represent different versions of Maserati.

Their red being connected to my Red Sea Siren energy. Very interesting indeed. 🔱🧜🏾‍♀️

Also, I went to the water this evening and felt called to retrieve a flower for my hair to improve my clairaudience

Here is a post about Sicily’s Medusa Flag:



A Look at the Maserati Logo Meaning

In Roman mythology, the trident is associated with Neptune, a powerful god who symbolizes dominion over the sea. The Maserati logo meaning goes beyond the trident and incorporates the company’s signature colors, too.

It’s usually depicted in monochromatic grays, but what does the Maserati logo mean when the trident emblem is red on a field of white and blue? This is sometimes referred to as the “saetta logo,” and it adds another layer of symbolism. Here’s how they add to the Maserati logo meaning:

  • When the Maserati trident is on navy blue it represents Roman god Neptune’s domain over the sea and how it’s the source of his strength.

  • When the trident on the Maserati logo is on a white or silver field, it represents the land, where Maserati vehicles rule the roads.

  • The red trident symbolizes the fiery power of the Maserati, which delivers unparalleled performance on highways from Rome to Chandler, and around the world.


Bologna’s Neptune statue that inspired the logo

Sicilian Flag with Trinacria Medusa

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