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Saint Martin - Magic Nature Walk

Wow, & I thought I was gonna take a break… nope.

Deli hit me up like let’s go on a hike but it needs to be close to this certain church. I instantly knew the trail to take. The morning of; I woke up & went back to sleep and astral traveled to the trail where amongst many things… A priest gave deli a blinged out chain as a gift. Now, during our actual walk he across a charm.. it spoke to me because it had a starfish (merfolk vibes) and a hook (pirate vibes) then as we continued along I saw a J♥️ which was apart of my recent shroom trip (see art in previous post for reference). Right in the vicinity is an equestrian center.. we got closer to be nosey and BAM! #saintmartin who takes the form of “money drawing spells”… yea the literal words! Aaah the journey continues⭕️ notice the money bag on his arm which connects to the money spell; as i left an offering.. ofcourse my sacred symbol popped right up.

[imported from Instagram]

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