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Siren's Curse, Fatal Attraction

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Well, Medusa's allure may have been a curse after all...turning men hard as a rock down there.

"How could you look at me and not see all things?"-Beyonce, Ring The Alarm

What happens when he is able to overcome her allure? This will surely send a woman used to having it all with a cherry on top into a spiraling re-examination of self. Led by a huntress chase, insecure actions, and maybe a jail cell visit.

Yes, it is true... rejection, jealousy, and insecurities can run you THAT rampant. Even Homer documented Sirens falling to their death once he outwitted their alluring calls.

the sirens were fated to die if someone heard their singing and escaped them, and that after Odysseus passed by they therefore flung themselves into the water and perished.,into%20the%20water%20and%20perished. 

^I have let out a major secret... this is our gift and curse, our fate, our power, our creation, and destruction. Sirens must be careful who they choose to attract as it may end fatally whether it is metaphoric ego death or literal.

Oh, don't be scared just yet devotee.. there are great treasures in the succumbing waves of our power. We give gifts of charm, wealth, confidence, beauty, and much more to our devotees.

Though, here is where the Dark Goddess Dominatrix energy comes to play in the forms of many archetypes like Goddess, Warrior, Mother, Priestess, Teacher, etc.

We want you to self-sacrifice, go the extra mile, and give your all to prove you are worthy to behold our sacred essence. And when we don't get it... well that just is not an option! Your choice of rejection is not something we will take lightly. It is actually a threat to our survival (more on that later...). So we WILL HUNT you until you're bound in our sensual bondage. Careful, enjoy it too much and we might loosen the ties to watch you plead for an ounce of our attention. Tricky creatures aren't we!

Beyonce beautifully highlights how Sirens are a literal siren alarm waiting to ring off at any perception of betrayal. Our intuitions are strong and any inclination of our devotees dedicating their attraction to a being outside of a sure-fire way to make us see RED and do things we may later regret.

"I done put in a call, time to ring the alarm 'Cause you ain't never seen a fire like the one I'm a 'cause..." as beyonce sings. "How could you look at me and not see all the things," she continues.

What you must understand is we are daughters of the Dark Primordial Mother and betraying us is betraying the Almighty Goddess.... now do you really want to feel the wrath of the ocean, moon, winds, and all hail that breaks loose with it? Once you pledge your allegiance- it's wise to stay true because a Siren holds much more than the eye beholds... and all those underlying energies will come after you with full force until the harmony is aligned. That may take years of dream visitations, bad luck, broken relationships (work,family,love), (yes this is getting scary but it is true), and whatever else the imagination holds. A woman in her Goddess power would cleanse and rid herself of the energy not aligned with her path then move on...but see we are talking Sirens here...we come from deep depths of void and natural law works a little bit different in our parts my love.

After all, "Tell me how should I feel

When you made me belong

And the thought of you just touching her

Is what I hate most

I don't want you but I want it

And I can't let it go

To know you give it to her like you gave it to me, come on"-Beyonce, Ring The Alarm

The presence, attention, love, teachings, and if you were lucky enough; yoni portal of a siren are supreme offerings pouring directly into your divine being... we are drained of our spirit essence each time we give ourselves.

SO please believe we want all parts of our energy back once betrayed and you, my dear, are an energy extension of our flame...and we will consume you in order to call back parts of ourselves even if it involves self-sacrifice. No way our divine devotee will shine our light masking as their own to attract and benefit in their everyday life like money, lovers, charisma, confidence, and more. These are a few things that are boosted when gifted with the presence of a siren. So say thank you to your local siren but properly: black lace, red roses, oud gourmand whiskey perfume, champagne, spa, beach picnic, pearls, an island vacay, ..just a few ideas. Happy Full Moon!

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To all my Sirens, Devotees, and new Curious Explorers this one's for you:

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