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The Many Faced God

While getting my hair done, I flipped to the following picture to show an example of Senegalese Twist I like to get:

Though this is the style I choose during the seating:

She said to me, “Is that you? You look like a different person.”

I paused without immediate rebuttal because it is true. I feel my energy, personality, and persona morph with my many hairstyles and wardrobe changes.

Nymphs and Sirens … (also quiet as it is kept: mermaids too) are shape shifters. Robert Green documented this beautifully in his book “ Art of Seduction”. I first read it in high-school and owe it a bow for awakening my depths of allure.

She then continued in her thick African accent, “My face changes too. Some peoples faces dont change. But mines does. Just like yours. Our faces change. When we put on different dresses, we change our face. I have many faces…”. Throughout the appointment she sprinkled in the allusion to our shared shape shifting - we had an unspoken understanding about what it meant spiritually, seductively, sexually, and meanings beyond bounds. These are mysteries I shall keep within the sacred coven of Iyami Aje. Few are chosen and even less adhere to the call THEN many are devoured thereafter. Though, Her and Myself… we arose like The Phoenix reborn of its own ashes. Taming the flame and riding the dragon. We are the chatty birds bringing the messages at noon, the owed dues at dusk, and secret meetings at midnight. We are daughters of Primordial Mothers.

And she added, I’m pretty and to make sure my boyfriend is giving me money to enjoy life and maintain my beauty (Already a must for me)

Women arise like phoenixs from their own pain,turmoils,etc aka ashes
Phoenix bird

For women and men alike not of our world… Do not fret - here’s tips from Robert Green’s Art of Seduction. DO PROCEED WITH CAUTION. I shouldn’t have to say it but this Siren wisdom was used for our survival then adapted by humans into manipulation and psychological warfare tactics. To use it against us is FATAL without remorse (Read Blog Post: Siren’s Curse for more info):

This encounter also reminded me of my favorite Game of Thrones scene - Arya Stark & The Many Faced God

Virtue,Patience,Deathly Sacrifice

Too perfect not to wonderIf we created a flame that would warm us 'til October
I was many faces, but at least I was willing to change
I was worried that the way I was would end me up alone
Our external reality is an opportunity to heal our internal upset
Let's build a cathedral these evils couldn't fuck with

I’m born in October , and do not believe in coincidences ;)

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